Ice Cream Service FAQ

  • 2-Scoop Sundae

    Build your own sundae with five Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors and six toppings served from our old fashioned ice cream carts in a large 8oz cup. $4.50

  • Snow Cones

    Enjoy a refreshing shaved ice scoop, made on-site, with your choice of five delicious flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon and Grape. $4.50

  • Pre-Packaged Sundaes

    Bunny Tracks, Chocolate Brownie Bomb, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Crunch 'n Fudge and Cherry Cheesecake. Served from our old fashioned ice cream carts. $4.50

  • Novelty Bars

    Choose from a wide selection of everyone's favorite Blue Bell and Nestle ice cream bars. Any bars not consumed are yours to keep. $39/dzn

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    CATERING SERVICE: is available for all menu items and is a flat $199 fee, which covers serving tables, linens and serving-ware. It also helps cover insurance, vehicle costs and general operations. As with all catered events and deliveries, you are guaranteeing the quantities you confirmed on your order.

    STAFFING: is $175 per server and covers preparing for your event, serving and cleaning up. One server and cart combination can serve approximately 120 servings per hour. Snow cones require about 50% more staffers due to the ice shaving and scooping process.

    MINIMUM ORDERS: are approximately 70 servings with one server and the catering fee, which total $689+tax. If your guest count is under 70, substitute some sundae servings with our chocolate chunk brownie to get to a total of 70 servings. Your guests will love the upgraded brownie sundae and/or take them to enjoy later.

    COMPLIMENTARY MUSIC AND DECOR: options are available for your review HERE.


    DELIVERY AND PICK UP is not possible for these menu items.

    OVER-SERVE: is possible with these menu items up to about 10% more than the number of guests you confirmed. You can choose to stop at the quantity ordered or approve over-serving, which will be invoiced.


    DELIVERY AND PICK UP is available for a flat $199 which includes the ice cream cart delivery and pick up. This is a self-serve option, no staffing is provided.

    OVER-SERVE: is not possible with these menu items . We deliver the exact quantity you ordered. We will leave any leftovers with you if not consumed.

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    The most popular flavors are preselected on your proposal. You can reply to your proposal with flavor changes.